Mobile FEES Exams & Evidenced Based Education and Consultation since 2013

What We Do

We perform mobile Dexpert Swallow Consultations and FEES® assessments for patients in skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers, physician offices, and hospitals.

Prompt Service

We offer Dexpert Swallow Consultations and FEES exams to our clients usually within 24-48 hours.

Coverage Area

We service Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.

Lowest Cost

We are the least expensive option and greatest value for mobile instrumental swallow assessments.

What is Dysphagia?

Dysphagia: dis-ˈfā-j(ē-)ə a medical term for a problem swallowing food, liquids, or medications. It is used to describe swallowing difficulty anywhere from the lips to the stomach. When dysphagia is suspected, a physician refers an individual to a Speech Language Pathologist to assess the extent of swallow severity. Speech Language Pathologists are trained professionals who evaluate swallowing difficulty and treat the effects of it. They work in a team environment (of varying sizes, depending on the setting) to balance the impacts and effects of the intervention. They do this based on research and data.

Any evaluation and therapeutic intervention is performed in conjunction with a physician’s order. Where no Speech Language Pathologist is available, an Occupational Therapist (OT) with additional training, can evaluate the swallow.

What is a Dexpert?

  • /ˈdekˌspərt/
  • noun
  • a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of and skill in assessment and management of swallowing and swallowing disorders.
  • an employee of Dysphagia Experts of the West, Inc.
  • History: American English. The noun use dates from 2016 through the combination of the words dysphagia and expert to describe the unique skills that a highly trained speech language pathologist has developed over time in the area of swallowing and swallowing disorders.

Swallowing is a complex process. A trained Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) is qualified to assess and treat swallowing problems. In some cases, where no SLP is available, a specially trained Occupation Therapist (OT) can assess and treat swallowing problems. However, each of these hold only the minimum qualifications necessary to assess and treat swallowing disorders.

We do not claim to be specialists in swallowing because we have the basic qualifications to evaluate and treat patients who suffer from them. We only hire SLPs that currently hold (or have qualifications similar to) Board Certification as Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (BCS-S) – this is a true specialist, or expert, on swallowing and swallowing disorders.

Our Commitment

We commit to continually improve our ability to provide the most research based swallow assessment you have never had!

We commit, with your help, to research ourselves and continually examine and implement improvements.

We commit to providing highly trained and skilled Speech Language Pathologists who are Board Certified Specialists in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorder (BCS-S) or those with similar qualifications.

We commit to regularly participating in high quality continuing education. We believe the saying: you are what you consume, is true of your profession abilities too.

We commit to offer patients the best service and data that research supports.

Most of all, we commit to offering more hope to individuals with dysphagia and their loved ones.

It’s a pleasure to work with Matt. His experience and demeanor put the patients at ease and provide the base for exceptional dysphagia treatment.
Martina (SLP)

Overall, it was an insightful experience which has helped me fully understand the purpose and importance of a FEES procedure.
Wes, Rehab Director

It was helpful to see how to keep the patient safe. You could easily see when the patient aspirated. It is easier for us to help the patient after having the test.

It was an amazing experience, and the first time that I saw a throat! It was very interesting. Matt is a professional person. He is patient and I saw that he loves his job.

It was very interesting. I was excited to learn something new. The video was fun to watch.


We offer the least expensive and most research based swallow examinations. We service Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. We have performed swallow consultations and mobile FEES® exams since 2013.

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